Excellence in care
for every woman

At Femina our goal is providing the best possible care in women’s health.

Our approach is based around the principle of building and maintaining relationships with you, your family doctors, and anyone else who cares for you.  Our dedicated team is passionate about ensuring that your health journey is as enjoyable and stress free as possible and that the care you receive is tailored for you.

Whether you are planning a family, needing surgery, or just wanting a health check up, we are here for you.

At Femina our model of care has been created from the ground up and as a team we are proud to be different and believe that we can help you achieve the health you deserve.

Welcome to Femina Health

Care that is there when you need it most.

Our well-equipped and modern clinic is situated on the Southern Cross Hospital campus, just a short drive from Hagley Park and the CBD. 

The highly qualified and professional team at Femina are here to provide a friendly and welcoming service that is efficient and flexible to suit your needs. 

Our rooms are easy to access and there is free parking on site.

Our team

Dr Fergus Adams


Fergus is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist offering full gynaecology and obstetric services, who will always go the extra mile for his patients.  He is passionate about women’s health and believes that effective team based care produces the best results.    

Dr Lisa Rofe


Lisa is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist offering pregnancy care, office gynaecology and gynaecologic surgery. She particularly enjoys building relationships with women allowing her to provide individualised care.

Dr Chris Spencer


Chris has a strong reputation as an experienced, supportive and caring obstetrician here in Christchurch and his focus is on providing obstetric care with our Femina Baby team.  He offers office gynaecology services with Femina Health.

Dr Hayley Smith


Hayley is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist offering comprehensive gynaecology and antenatal care. Her excellent communication allows her to develop strong therapeutic relationships with patients and their whanau.

Dr Hayley Smith

What we offer

Whatever your health needs, we are here for you.

The team at Femina will always endeavour to provide tailored specialist care for every woman.

Femina Health provides the best possible care in women’s health.

Femina Baby provides full antenatal and delivery care.